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Full-Stack Engineer / Tech Lead







15–30 Stunden / Woche

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We are looking forward to your application. Please note that due to our structure we can only consider hourly rates of 50-70 euros.

We are an impact driven fintech that exists to empower individuals, promote social welfare,and help people depending on tips increase their income and easily transfer to the digitaleconomy … We're looking for an experienced tech lead to act as our founding engineer andown the development of our MVP.

The ideal candidate has been part of successful projects/companies within the fintech spaceand/or digital payment platforms.

Key Responsibilities:

- Own the development of our MVP and ensure the right execution of a standardoperating procedures that we can build on for the technical team.

Product Lead Development:

- Architect and oversee the development of our digital tipping platform, ensuringrobustness, security, and scalability.

- Ensure thorough documentation of code, architecture, and technical decisions forfuture reference.

- Setup and ensure a high standard of coding practices.

- Be an integral part of the overall MVP product lifecycle: from concept and design totesting and deployment.

- Help in implementing agile methodologies, optimize workflows, and maintaindocumentation.

Partner Collaboration:

- Establish and maintain relationships with partners, ensuring alignment with thecompany's technical and strategic objectives. Third party partners include PSPs, BAASproviders and others.

- Act as the primary technical liaison between the company and external partners,coordinating requirements, addressing technical queries, and ensuring smoothintegration with internal systems.

Fintech & Regulatory Compliance:

- Help in ensuring the platform meets all regulatory requirements pertinent to fintechand digital payments.

Stakeholder Communication:

- Collaborate with the founders on product strategy, budgeting, and long-term planning.

- Effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, fosteringunderstanding and alignment.


- Experience in full-stack software development, ideally with a focus on fintech or digitalpayment solutions.

- Proven experience leading technical teams and driving tech projects to completion.

- Familiarity with security best practices, especially in payment gateways and financialdata.

- An understanding of the fintech regulatory landscape.

- Exceptional problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and attention to detail.

- Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

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