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Über mich

I'm an experienced Freelance Lead Product Manager based between Belgrade and Berlin. My background is in early stage startups, scale-ups and venture capital. I had the chance to work with Marketplace and SaaS business models, both on the Consumer and B2B side, working on every stage of product development cycle - from ideation, validation to commercialisation.



Problem Management
Performance Management
Agile Coaching
Agile Führung
Strategy Implementation


Business Innovation
User Journeys
Process Validation
Sales Strategy
Analytische Fähigkeiten
Analytical Thinking
Data Analysis


Content Strategy


EBAY KLEINANZEIGEN - Senior Product Manager (Freelance)

EBAY KLEINANZEIGEN - Senior Product Manager (Freelance)

ETRIBES - Project Lead (Freelance)

ETRIBES - Project Lead (Freelance)

MOONFARE - Lead Product Manager (Freelance)

MOONFARE - Lead Product Manager (Freelance)

DASHLANE - Senior Product Manager (Freelance)

DASHLANE - Senior Product Manager (Freelance)


  • EBAY KLEINANZEIGEN - Senior Product Manager (Freelance)

    eBay Kleinanzeigen ·

    2021 — 2022

    • Lead a 20 people Payment & Shipping team at Germany’s largest website covering the whole

      buyer and seller experience

    • Doubled the adoption of payment and shipping functionality, while in the same time decreasing

      the volume of CS tickets and Fraud cases

    • Successfully set up a parallel Discovery & Delivery process and helped onboard a full design

      and product team until the SFA could successfully split into two independent teams

    • Delivered large chunks of functionality such as Buy Now, Promotions, Automatic seller refund

      and more, as well as a deep integration between DHL and eBayK in order to enable automatic label generation and cancellation

  • ETRIBES - Project Lead (Freelance)

    eTribes ·

    2020 — 2021

    • Prepared workflows, system architecture and processes for centralization of front-end environments & CMS infrastructure for a large German corporate with presence in more than 180 countries
  • MOONFARE - Lead Product Manager (Freelance)

    Moonfare ·

    2020 — 2021

    • Leading the growth team covering the acquisition and activation of B2C investors on the

      Moonfare platform

    • Set up the tooling needed to facilitate growth, including tracking, A/B testing infrastructure, data

      infrastructure, as well as headless CMS and Webflow integrations

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