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Strategy Planning
Organisational Design
Portfolio Management

Über mich

Alain is a freelance strategy, operations and product consultant. Previously, he served as an Executive Board Member and Head of Strategy Transformation & Growth for a tech company. There, he led transformative initiatives that resulted in significant cost savings and earned top recognition for employee satisfaction. His deepest expertise is in organizational design, operational efficiency and strategy development to boost organization-wide performance. Alain's strength lies in abstracting problems to their essential levers to enable conscious decision-making. He is driven by clarity: building organizations where everyone can actively contribute to the same overarching goal and win together. Clarity enables cohesive teamwork, empowers individuals to make informed decisions, and fosters a culture of transparency and alignment.



Strategy Planning
Organisational Design
Portfolio Management
Market Research
Business Agility
Change Management
Agiles Projektmanagement


Agile Software Development




  • Head of Strategy, Transformation & Growth GmbH · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2022 — 2023

    Led three high-performing teams encompassing Corporate Strategy & Growth, Digital ProductConsulting, and LACE (Lean Agile Centre of Excellence), overseeing 17 direct reports and driving allcompany-wide strategic initiatives, global workforce planning, and organizational design.

    • Directed a comprehensive organizational transformation, transitioning from a holacracy toa flat hierarchy structure by introducing 'engineering management' roles. This initiativeoptimized operations across a 650 FTE workforce, achieving cost savings > €2.6M.
    • Orchestrated the consolidation of our supplier ecosystem, strategically reducing partnersby 89% and establishing enduring 'Strategic Partnership' alliances with premier ITconsultancies. This initiative is projected to deliver annual cost-savings surpassing €13M.
    • Pioneered a data-driven growth strategy that propelled a remarkable 124% YoY increase inmonthly hires while reducing monthly resignations by 72%, enhancing organizational growth.
    • Guided the comprehensive SAFe transformation across an expansive 800+ FTE landscape,leading to the successful launch of 9 Agile Release Trains and notable improvements independency management (12% increase) and delivery reliability (24% improvement).
    • Earned top accolades in the annual Global Engagement Survey, achieving the highestsatisfaction rate among 40+ managerial positions company-wide.
    • Corporate speaker at the Tech Open Air (TOA) 2023 conference (4000+ attendees), with akeynote address titled 'Building an Innovation Hub: 5 Years Later'.
  • Program Operations Lead, Digital Business & Products GmbH · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2020 — 2021

    • Defined and coordinated the implementation of the corporate strategy entitled 'UnleashDigital Premium' with top management, resulting in 14 working packages designed to optimizethe company processes for increased scalability and decentralized ownership.
    • Managed the top management decision process on implementation of a scaled agileframework to increase development speed and reduce technical dependencies across teams,resulting in the implementation of SAFe across 800+ employees and external suppliers.
    • Led the commercial re-evaluation of the ecommerce tech stack and cost structuretogether for top management resulting in the active decision to further invest 15M+ EUR toshift towards a micro-services architecture.
  • Business Consultant GmbH · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2019 — 2020

    • Advised top management on investment decisions based on business case calculation and portfolio analysis, resulting in cost-savings of 5M EUR through product discontinuation andexternal investment activity valued at 4M EUR.
    • Designed and built the portfolio steering and governance model for the Mercedes-BenzDigital House digital product portfolio, resulting in a shift from annual to quarterly budgetreviews based on the OKR methodology.
    • Drove the 'Project to Product' change initiative in the software development unit, enabling46 teams and management from IT & Business to work in an agile and product-orientedenvironment through information sessions and team coaching.

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