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Google Ads
Performance Marketing
Google Analytics

Über mich

- I have 8+ years of experience in Digital Marketing & Analytics, with a focus on tracking, performance and data accuracy. While I have acquired a lot of experience in Marketing, I have transitioned into Analytics/BI over the years. The combination really helps to work with Marketing teams. - I am also not afraid to get my hands dirty on a more technical level. HTML, JavaScript, SQL and RegEx are not foreign to me so I can stay on top of more technical implementations with or even without Stakeholders/Devs in Product teams - I simultaneously implemented new technologies & data solutions for better tracking (GTM, GA4, GA360, etc.) easier KPI/data monitoring (Power BI/SQL/Looker) as well as customized Product Feeds (Productsup, custom XML solutions, etc). - Over the past 8 years, I've consulted with all major vendors (Google, Meta, Criteo, etc.) in the Ad Industry on a regular basis, in order to test & scale new methods/features to make the business more competitive - I worked closely with BI & Dev teams to assist with tracking, data collection, modelling, and analyses of campaign opportunities, fraud traffic, discrepancies, etc.



Google Ads
Performance Marketing
Google Analytics
Data Analysis
Data Visualisation
Power BI


Google Search Console
Facebook Business Manager
Google Cloud Platform




  • Digital Analytics Consulting

    Trakken Web Services · Beratung und Consulting

    2019 — 2021

    • Google Partner (GMP & GCP)
    • Managed 25+ Mid-Market & Large Enterprise clients' GMP Stacks (GA360, GTM, etc.)
    • Rolled out GA360 for multiple large clients, from start to finish (Tracking Concept, Documentation, Implementation, Testing, Training, Maintenance, etc.)
    • Use of BigQuery for specific client projects
    • Certified Looker Partner since Sep 2020
  • AdTech & MarTech Project

    trivago · Tourismus

    2013 — 2018

    Ad Tech / Marketing Technology 

    - Conceptualized, optimized & tested new internal tracking solutions. 

    - Set up advanced web tracking hacks via Google Tag Manager & GA360

    - Automated internal Campaign & Tracking setup process. 

    Marketing Tools

    - Conceptualized & realized several internal Marketing tools as per demand by first building MVPs and then delegating & scaling them for more robust functionality.  

    - Some experimental skills used to achieve these MVPs were SQL, JavaScript, Power Pivot, Power BI, VBA Macros, Python, etc.

    Analytics Products

    - Spearheaded the introduction & implementation of several external Products for the Marketing team, such as: 

    1) Looker: was the main stakeholder of Looker for Marketing 

    2) Google Analytics 360: assisted with technical tracking & analysis challenges 

    3) Datorama: onboarded Datorama for a unified Marketing data pipeline 

    4) Productsup: maintained 50+ product feeds for use in Remarketing 

    5) BrandVerity: introduced for managing affiliate fraud & brand search compliance

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