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Project Manager / Operations Manager / Consultant

Giving my best for your success always :)

Über mich

Hi! Willkommen auf meiner Seite, ich hoffe dir geht's gut! Ich bin Jonathan, Generalist mit über 9 Jahren Erfahrungen in Project-, Produkt- und Operationsmanagement sowie im Aufbau multidisziplinärer Teams. Mit meinen Experisen kann ich dir in 4 groben Bereichen helfen: (1) Exekutieren von Projekten von Anfang bis Ende. (2) Managen von Produkten von Ideation bis hin zum Launch. (3) Konsultierung bezüglich Strategien zur Prozessoptimierung, Automatisierung, operationale Effizienz und Umsatzwachstum. (4) Aufbau und/ oder Management eines Teams. Wie du siehst, bin ich jemand, der dir gerne als Consultant zur Seite steht, aber sich genauso gerne ins Geschehen schmeißt und day-to-day Aufgaben ausführt. Mit mir gewinnst du jemanden, der unfassbar anpassungsfähig, lösungsorientiert und strukturiert ist. Ich bin up to date in allen Sachen Project Management, Product Management, Change Management etc. Abgesehen davon, bin ich jemand der sehr charismatisch ist und mit allen Arten von Menschen arbeiten kann :) Ich hoffe, mein Profil hat dir alle Infos gegeben, die du brauchst, um dein Anliegen mit mir zu starten. Sag mir gerne wie ich dir heute helfen kann! Bis bald! Jonathan (Johnny)



Agile Führung
Business Negotiation
People and Performance Management
Account Management
Risk and Crisis Management
Technische Dokumentation
Business Development
Sales Strategy
Analytische Fähigkeiten
Digitale Assistenz


Business Model Generation
Contract Management
eCommerce Strategie
Customer Experience Management
Strategy Implementation
Service Level Management


Google Analytics
Produkt Design
Voice Recording


  • Freelance Operations Manager

    Frafos · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2023 — 2023

    Frafos - Voice Over IP Company

    • Managed the M&A process with an US corporation, overseeing knowledge transfer, system documentation, process improvements and financial forecasting.
    • Introduced automation tool & restructured invoicing process, reducing invoicing time for all parties per day from 7h to 5 min.
    • Cut cost for client management by ca. 40% through process restructure.
  • Freelance Consultant

    Intufillment · Beratung und Consulting

    2023 — 2023

    Intufillment - Start-Up for Business & Mental Coachingo

    • Drove rapid client base expansion from 5 to 40 in 1 month.
    • Revamped mentoring program for clients including learning material, tutorials and content.
    • Provided weekly 1-on-1 consulting to clients on employee management & product enhancements
  • Freelance Consultant/ Project Manager

    Fitness Supplement Company · Sonstige Branche

    2023 — 2023

    • Optimized processes and communication by introducing communication playbook, centralizing documentation, and data storage with new tools, cutting manual work in half.
    • Supported entire setup of MMA Vertical in German market, including developing roll out plan, budgeting, event organizations & managing Influencer contracts.
  • Head of E-Commerce

    Distribusion Technologies · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2021 — 2022

    Travel Tech company connecting Operators (Bus & Train e.g. BVG, Deutsche Bahn etc.) with Travel retailers (e.g., GoogleMaps, Omio etc.) globally via API and thus, facilitating the international ticket sales.

    • Hired and mentored an 8-member team (incl. Product & Design, QA, Frontend & Backend Engineers), for fully customizable search, checkout, confirmation email & ticketing experience.
    • Established Whitelabel as 3rd main revenue pillar covering ca. 35% of daily bookings and used by clients like Google Maps, Flixbus, BlaBlaCar etc.
    • Boosted funnel conversion rates from 9% to 29% within 3 months through quant. + qual. testing & product enhancements. Upgraded stack & configurations led to a 7% increase in daily bookings.
    • Head speared exclusivity contracts for new QR-Code product at airports including design of marketing material & campaigns. QR-Code-enabled Landing Pages achieved 65% conversion rate and significantly reduced bus departure delays.
    • Reduced fraud rate in high-risk markets like Brazil from over 100% to approx. 1.6% via data analysis, new fraud rules & integration of Fraud Prevention API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Head of Global Operations

    Distribusion Technologies · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2020 — 2021

    • Led all Global Operations for both of the company’s core businesses including full product lifecycle from API analysis to launch, maintenance, tech. account management, upselling, and CS.
    • Grew team to 22+, managing 40% of the company employees distributed across 5 departments (Product, Content, CS, Retail & Data). Covered client base of 320+ global ground transportation companies (Flixbus, BlaBlaCar, BVG etc.) and 170+ travel retailers (Google Maps, CTrip, etc.)
    • Collaborated closely with C-level to develop companywide KPI structure, tracking and to ensure profitable and strategic plan execution.
    • Achieved 12-fold GMV growth month over month compared to 2019, managing volume of 60 m Euro GMV/year
    • Enhanced SLAs and implemented a company-wide incident management protocol, reducing response times from an average of 12 hours to a maximum of 30 minutes for critical issues.
  • Head of API Operations

    Distribusion Technologies · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2019 — 2020

    • Led & mentored multidisciplinary team (Product, Content, CS), co-supervised 6+ Engineers.
    • Increased productivity from 5 API & manual integrations per month to 12 within first 3 months while successfully scaling the standardized API integration
    • Elevated employee satisfaction scores from 2.1 to 4.3 within 3 months via introduction of growth & engagement initiatives. Concept was adopted company wide. 
    • Restructured error definitions, rules, and processes across the company, resulting in an 86% reduction in false positives and a 45% decrease in average investigation time.
    • Introduced machine learning to internal caching tools, reducing manual work by >90%. Improved data freshness by 40%, cut futile API calls by 78%, and extended cached content availability to 90 days, surpassing industry standards (max. 60 days).
  • Business Development Manager

    Auftraggeber:in · Internet und Informationstechnologie

    2018 — 2019

    • Managed a portfolio of 120+ clients and took charge of the entire Airport Transportation vertical.
    • Consistently exceeded company targets by signing over 20 new clients within first 5 months, surpassing goal of 1 client/ month.
    • Covered entire Spanish market comprising approx. 83 companies within 4 Aggressive market entry strategy expedited market coverage & unique commercial conditions set new industry standard.
    • Consistently achieved closing deals with 10-30% higher commercial rates than company average.
    • Created a Playbook for the team, providing standardized processes, best practices, and guidance for sales.
  • Research Consultant

    EyeSquare · Sonstige Branche

    2016 — 2018

    • Consulted clients on small - midsize research projects using eye tracking, sensor tracking and live tracking technologies.
    • Responsible for overseeing research lifecycle from design to data analysis of projects with 300+ subjects.
    • Executed controlled experiments and user studies investigate user behaviour, attention, and physiological responses for clients like Facebook, Tencent, Swarovski etc.
  • Executive Assistant

    Agentur Stelzer · Personaldienstleistungen

    2014 — 2016

    • Established strong relationships with high-end hotel brands.
    • Negotiated contractual conditions and contract renewals.
    • Supervised staff and handled administrative tasks.
    • Responsible for hiring process